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How To Handle Upfront Handyman Deposit??

Saturday, May 18th, 2013


In most cases your local handyman will ask you for an initial upfront deposit before they begin working on your home repairs. One of the typical reasons given is that the materials required has to be purchased and the handyman needs this money to cover this upfront cost.

There are a lot of horror stories and cases where the homeowner was ripped off by the handyman because the homeowner gave an upfront deposit. It could be that once the handyman got this deposit they are never to be seen again or they begin the repairs but then disappears, the work completed never justifies the amount of upfront money paid.

So just how does a homeowner protect themselves from this kind of shady handyman practice? Here are tips that can help you in avoiding this problem.

1.    Always research the handyman. Get references and speak to all of them. Ask about the deposit they gave the handyman. What other issues there were if any? Whilst this will not necessarily always protect you from being ripped off, if there were money issues with the handyman on past jobs then this step will alert you and should raise a red flag. Always avoid a handyman with financial problem history.

2.   Ask the handyman for two price quotes IN WRITING; first, a price quote to complete the repairs with material, permits (if needed) and labor included and second, two price quotes, one for materials and permits (if needed) only and the other for labor only. This will help you to determine the initial upfront cost(s) that the handyman will incur. If the deposit requested is more that what is initially needed then ask the handyman why the deposit is so high. Let the handyman know that you are only comfortable paying the materials and permit (if required) costs upfront. If the handyman has a problem with this then by all means pass on selecting them.

Additionally, to the above two steps let the handyman know that you are only willing to pay the labor cost based on work completed. If the handyman completes 20% of the work then you will only pay 20% of the labor costs. You could pay them in increments called “DRAWS” solely on a work completed basis never in advance. Make sure the work completed and production quality is to your satisfaction before paying for it.

Whilst the above step will help to minimize your exposure, you could still be ripped off if you make the check payable to the handyman. he could still take your money and disappear. So to totally avoid this problem let the handyman know that not only are you are willing to go down to your local Home Depot or hardware and pay for the materials but you want all the materials purchased to be stored at the home or repair site.

If you follow these simply guidelines / steps it will not only help you to determine the appropriate initial upfront deposit required to for your home repair job but also protect you from shady handyman practices.

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