Electrician Boca Raton

Electrician Boca Raton

Our Electrician Boca Raton service covers full electrical services needed by any homeowner or business. We are licensed competent professional electricians with experience in wiring or trouble shooting any wiring problems in residential or commercial construction or repair.

Electrician Boca Raton Services

Here are some of the services provided;
1. Outlets (electrical receptacles) replacement or installation.
2. Installation of lighting systems both interior and exterior.
3. Current service upgrade and or new service installation.
4. All wiring required for new residential or commercial constructions.
5. Home remodel rewiring.
6. Addition of new electrical lines for additional appliances.
7. Replacement or installation of fuses, breakers and electrical panels.
8. All electrical code violation corrections.
9. Switch replacement or installation.
10. New room or home addition electrical circuits.
11. Any and all your electrical needs
Please contact us for your electrical needs and request a free estimate.

Boca Raton Electrician

Electrician Boca Raton repair quality and standards.

All repairs and new installations are always done to Florida Building Codes. Materials used meets State and County standards.

We are customer oriented giving our customers quality service. Call us 561 515-5001 now for your electrical needs. We will be happy to serve you. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Electrician in Boca Raton Florida

Our Handyman Boca Raton Other Services

Handyman Boca Raton is a licensed, insured and bonded general contractors serving not only Boca Raton but all surrounding areas. We provide services for all construction trades, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and structural.

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