Hiring A Handyman – 4 Best Tips

Hiring A Handyman – 4 Best Tips

Many property owners are using a handyman to remodel existing homes and update their living space.  It can be very frustrating to know where to begin the process to find and hire someone. Here are 4 tips you can use when Hiring A Handyman.

1.     Must Have Insurance.

Handyman services can be provided by either an Independent Contractor or a General Contractor.  Most General Contractors are licensed, bonded and insured; however, most independent Contractor will not be. It is important that very important that any handyman you select to do the job MUST have at the very least have workman compensation insurance coverage. If the Handyman has an accident or gets hurt while working on your property / home then their Workman’s compensation insurance should relieve you of being financially and legally responsible for their injury from the accident.  

Additionally, your handyman being licensed and bonded covers you in that if the Handyman damages your home or if the quality of the repairs is sub standard you can make a claim on the Bonding Company for replacement or repair cost reimbursement.

2.     Get a Written Guarantee  / Warranty

Make sure that your handyman gives you a written guarantee for their work. Additionally, ask them if there are any warranties on the materials that they use. If yes, then make sure they give you a copy and store just in case you need it in the future.


3.     Ask For References

Get references for jobs previously completed. Call these references and ask about the work quality of the handyman, did they do a good job, did they complete the job on time, were there any issues or problems and how was it resolved?  Was the person who is giving the reference satisfied with the job done?


4.     Competitive Prices And payment Policy

Pricing comparisons will vary quite a lot between different independent contractors or companies.  Do not choose you handyman based just on price. The cheapest is not always the best option. You should always have a budget for your home repair job and it should be a within a range for example, have budgeted between X dollars and Y dollars for each repair.  


Request the handyman schedule of payments. A schedule of payments is simply how the handyman wants to be paid based on percentage work completed.  If the handyman wants all the payment up front then this is a red flag. An upfront deposit is ok as this will cover materials. If you are uncomfortable doing this then you could offer to pay for the materials directly.

These are but a few solid tips that hopefully will help you to Hire a Handyman. By no means is it the only criteria you should use. Online searches, your local Better Business Bureau checks can help you to hire a handyman you can trust.

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