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Quality Handyman – Hire A Professional or Do It Yourself?

Monday, June 10th, 2013

When it comes to small repair and renovation tasks at home, some people face a dilemma. Should they do the job themselves or hire a Quality Handyman services company? If you are facing this predicament then there are some things that will make it easier for you to make the right decision.

1. Quality Handyman – Tools and Equipments Familiarity.

There are small tasks that can be completed without any professional help. At the same time, most repair, replacement and renovation tasks require use of tools and equipments that must be used properly to avoid injuries. If you are not used to doing DIY tasks quite often then you will face problems handling such tools and equipments. You may even harm yourself while trying to do such tasks on your own. Many complex tasks require the use of professional grade tools and equipments that are very expensive. Homeowners rarely need such devices so they do not buy these items. We suggest you call us now 561 515-5001 and receive quality house repair services. We have all the tools and equipments needed for these particular jobs and know how to use such devices.

2. Handyman Home Repairs- Are You Sure You Can Do It Yourself?

The data shows that most people who try to do their own home remodeling task rarely complete the job. Untrained or inexperienced individuals take more time than necessary often leaving the task incomplete. Additionally, some DIY enthusiasts end up doing a bad job where the end result is not what it should be. If you end up with a bad result, incomplete or poor workmanship, you will regret not hiring quality handyman to do the job in the first place. Handyman Boca Raton provides guaranteed quality workmanship so once you have handed over the job to us then you can relax and be sure of quick turnaround and a professional finish.

3. Risk Factor – Why Take Any, Just Call Us.

An accident is always because of a mistake; it is not caused deliberately. Even when you are sure of handling basic tools and equipments, there is a chance that you may injure yourself. When repairing something, you may damage a part of the product or another item that did not have any problem. There are grave risks working with electricity. Another risk is if you connect something to the wrong connection point or use a substandard product. If you do not use quality products that comply with the required standards then you are putting your important electrical appliances and electronic products at risk. In case of a roofing job it is not safe to work on the sloped roof. Rather than take such risks, it is better if you contact us now for quality handyman services. Handyman Boca Raton is a fully licensed, bonded and insured company. You will not have to worry about an accident on the job or sub-standard work. You and your property remain safe.

4.  What is Your Time and Peace Of Mind Worth?

Have we all been there? You thought that if you did the home repair yourself, it will only take a couple of days and you would save some money on the costs. Now after two weeks it’s still not done??? You have left work early, even given up your weekends to get the repairs done but it is still incomplete. The repair task is turning out to be a lot more complicated than you initially thought. Now what? Do you value your time? If yes then you should use our professional Handyman services for any home repair and renovation work. You do not have to loose time from your job, office or business because you have an emergency repair at home. Let us do it, you can continue with your daily activities without worrying about mundane remodeling tasks at home.

Our Professional  Handyman services are the best in the industry. You should avoid taking risks by trying to do your home remodeling project yourself and ending up with a result that is not to your satisfaction. You will end up spending more than what your budget allows. Handyman Boca Raton ensures you do not have to face such problems. We provide the right estimate that you will find most affordable.

CALL 561 515-5001! We have Electrician Boca Raton, Boca Raton Plumber, Air Conditioning Boca Raton, Roofer Boca Raton handymen available. You will be happy you got the ball rolling today.

Handyman Services – Why You Need It And What Do We Provide?

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

There are many home repairs and renovations that homeowners cannot handle on their own and as such having Handyman Services is invaluable. Most repair tasks require using proper tools and equipments as well as knowledge of repair and replacement techniques. Some repairs and home upgrades are easy to do but may consume a lot of time. Working individuals cannot devote sufficient time and energy to do these tasks. Then there are homeowners who do not want to handle risky repair jobs where they can accidentally hurt themselves or create more damage to their home or appliance. Some repairs, for example an electrical repair, should never be attempted by the homeowner. Everyone should already know that a simple mistake with electricity can prove fatal. It is because of these issues that there is a great demand for handyman services.

Whatever your requirements are , we can handle all types of tasks that are covered under handyman services. We provide emergency handyman repair services and no obligation estimates. You can call us for any small or large job. We specialize in all types of home or business remodeling and repair works. If you want to repair or replace worn-out, faulty, defective or broken items then CALL US NOW at  561 515-5001.

1.    Electrican Boca Raton

Electrician Boca Raton, Boca Raton Electrician, Electrical Boca Raton

If you want to lay new wiring for a new appliance then we can complete the task properly. In the range of electrical handyman services, we can repair and replace old electrical items like panels, outlets, circuits, sockets and any other item that is connected to the electrical connection. If you cannot install a home appliance or security system like burglar alarm on your own then we can install the whole system for you. Call us, Electrician Boca Raton Florida for all your electrical repair needs.

2. Boca Raton Plumbers

boca raton plumbers, plumber boca raton, plumbers in boca raton florida

If you are facing any problem with plumbing then you need our handyman plumbing services. We can repair and replace sinks, faucets, old pipes, and any other item that is connected to the plumbing system. If you are facing any drainage backup or toilet plumbing problem then call us now. We will come immediately to help you.

3.    Air Conditioning Boca Raton

air conditioning boca raton, air condition boca raton

Air conditioners require regular cleaning and maintenance to function properly. We can clean the air conditioner coil, condenser, air filter and pipes. We provide quick handyman AC services so that you do not have to live in hot uncomfortable conditions. We also do new AC install. If your Air Handler or Condenser that needs replacement, if you need new or additional ducts then our Air Condition technicians are here to help.

4.Roofer Boca Raton

roofer boca raton, boca raton roofers, roofer boca raton florida

We specialize in residential roofing repair and replacement services. We do roof repairs and new roof install. Fascia boards repair or replacement. If you want to install insulation in your roof or ceiling then there are many options. Effective insulation and draft proofing is very important for energy-saving. No job is too small or too big.

5.    Home Remodeling

home remodel boca raton, house remodel boca raton florida

If you plan to repair, make an addition or remodel any interior part of your home then we can help you with our handyman remodeling services. We can replace tiles, flooring, sink, faucet, pipe and other items in kitchen and bathroom. If you are looking to hire a handyman for carpeting, painting, plastering, drywall, decorating, tiling, bricklaying, gardening, landscaping and installing of flooring sheet then call us now. If you want to paint or stain the fence, deck and patio then we know how to do it.

We offer professional and affordable handyman services that will go beyond your expectation. We arrive on time and make sure the work is completed within the specified time limit and budget. We are general contractors and all major repairs will be completed with architectural plans, permits and city inspections.

Call US NOW 561 515-5001 and see for yourself the quality of our Handyman Boca Raton services that we have been providing for the last 20 years.

Boca Raton Plumbers

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Tired of the faucet that won’t stop dripping?

Can’t get your toilet unclogged?

Have a leaking pipe in the bathroom?

Need to install a new bathroom feature but don’t know how?

Need Boca Raton Plumbers?

If you are experiencing these common plumbing problems in your home, it’s probably time for you to hire a Boca Raton plumber to take of them. Although it may seem like a lot of the above issues does not require the expertise of a professional plumber in Boca Raton but seemingly small issues can quickly become major disasters if not handled the proper way.

What might seem like just a small dripping pipe in the bathroom could lead to a perfect damp, dark environment for growing toxic mold, a problem that could quickly lead to life-threatening diseases for you and your family.

What seems like a toilet that won’t flush properly could be the sign of a clogged septic system; one night your commode isn’t flushing, the next morning your yard could be flooded with sewage.

Knowing when to hire a Boca Raton plumber could be the difference in the repairs being inexpensive or a 4 figure disaster. This would one example of why you should probably hire an expert for your plumbing repairs instead of just saying “I’ll get to it later”:

Water pressure has significantly diminished.If you turn on the shower in the morning and aren’t getting the amount of pressure that you are used to, you could be facing a serious problem with your plumbing. Hiring a Boca Raton plumber will allow you to have an expert check the pipes for common problems such as rust or other debris that might be blocking the water lines and ultimately have the problem corrected as quickly as possible. Trying to fix this problem yourself could make the problem worse as you could accidentally bust a pipeline or block the lines.

There are leaks somewhere in the pipeline. As mentioned, if water pipes are leaking in areas where there is drywall, you could be creating the perfect mold environment. If the leak is in between floors, leaking pipes could be the first warning sign to a major pipe burst which can leave your house flooded. A Boca Raton plumber will be able to fix the leaking pipe for pennies on the dollar compared to what a flooded home would cost to repair.

There’s no hot water. Hot water heaters often break but it doesn’t always mean that you should replace the entire unit. It could be a simple fix, as basic as replacing the fuse for an electric water tank or the igniter may have gone out in a gas burning water heater. Having a Handyman Boca Raton Plumber look at your unit will allow you to determine what is exactly wrong with your unit, allowing you to get the repairs you need and save you the cost and trouble of buying and installing a new water heater. 

Overall there are many plumbing issues within a home that although they may seem insignificant could lead to major repair problems if they are not done Boca Raton Plumber.

How To Handle Upfront Handyman Deposit??

Saturday, May 18th, 2013


In most cases your local handyman will ask you for an initial upfront deposit before they begin working on your home repairs. One of the typical reasons given is that the materials required has to be purchased and the handyman needs this money to cover this upfront cost.

There are a lot of horror stories and cases where the homeowner was ripped off by the handyman because the homeowner gave an upfront deposit. It could be that once the handyman got this deposit they are never to be seen again or they begin the repairs but then disappears, the work completed never justifies the amount of upfront money paid.

So just how does a homeowner protect themselves from this kind of shady handyman practice? Here are tips that can help you in avoiding this problem.

1.    Always research the handyman. Get references and speak to all of them. Ask about the deposit they gave the handyman. What other issues there were if any? Whilst this will not necessarily always protect you from being ripped off, if there were money issues with the handyman on past jobs then this step will alert you and should raise a red flag. Always avoid a handyman with financial problem history.

2.   Ask the handyman for two price quotes IN WRITING; first, a price quote to complete the repairs with material, permits (if needed) and labor included and second, two price quotes, one for materials and permits (if needed) only and the other for labor only. This will help you to determine the initial upfront cost(s) that the handyman will incur. If the deposit requested is more that what is initially needed then ask the handyman why the deposit is so high. Let the handyman know that you are only comfortable paying the materials and permit (if required) costs upfront. If the handyman has a problem with this then by all means pass on selecting them.

Additionally, to the above two steps let the handyman know that you are only willing to pay the labor cost based on work completed. If the handyman completes 20% of the work then you will only pay 20% of the labor costs. You could pay them in increments called “DRAWS” solely on a work completed basis never in advance. Make sure the work completed and production quality is to your satisfaction before paying for it.

Whilst the above step will help to minimize your exposure, you could still be ripped off if you make the check payable to the handyman. he could still take your money and disappear. So to totally avoid this problem let the handyman know that not only are you are willing to go down to your local Home Depot or hardware and pay for the materials but you want all the materials purchased to be stored at the home or repair site.

If you follow these simply guidelines / steps it will not only help you to determine the appropriate initial upfront deposit required to for your home repair job but also protect you from shady handyman practices.

Call Handyman Boca Raton today  1 (561) 515-5001 to discuss your next home improvement project and request a free service estimate.


Hiring A Handyman – 4 Best Tips

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Hiring A Handyman – 4 Best Tips

Many property owners are using a handyman to remodel existing homes and update their living space.  It can be very frustrating to know where to begin the process to find and hire someone. Here are 4 tips you can use when Hiring A Handyman.

1.     Must Have Insurance.

Handyman services can be provided by either an Independent Contractor or a General Contractor.  Most General Contractors are licensed, bonded and insured; however, most independent Contractor will not be. It is important that very important that any handyman you select to do the job MUST have at the very least have workman compensation insurance coverage. If the Handyman has an accident or gets hurt while working on your property / home then their Workman’s compensation insurance should relieve you of being financially and legally responsible for their injury from the accident.  

Additionally, your handyman being licensed and bonded covers you in that if the Handyman damages your home or if the quality of the repairs is sub standard you can make a claim on the Bonding Company for replacement or repair cost reimbursement.

2.     Get a Written Guarantee  / Warranty

Make sure that your handyman gives you a written guarantee for their work. Additionally, ask them if there are any warranties on the materials that they use. If yes, then make sure they give you a copy and store just in case you need it in the future.


3.     Ask For References

Get references for jobs previously completed. Call these references and ask about the work quality of the handyman, did they do a good job, did they complete the job on time, were there any issues or problems and how was it resolved?  Was the person who is giving the reference satisfied with the job done?


4.     Competitive Prices And payment Policy

Pricing comparisons will vary quite a lot between different independent contractors or companies.  Do not choose you handyman based just on price. The cheapest is not always the best option. You should always have a budget for your home repair job and it should be a within a range for example, have budgeted between X dollars and Y dollars for each repair.  


Request the handyman schedule of payments. A schedule of payments is simply how the handyman wants to be paid based on percentage work completed.  If the handyman wants all the payment up front then this is a red flag. An upfront deposit is ok as this will cover materials. If you are uncomfortable doing this then you could offer to pay for the materials directly.

These are but a few solid tips that hopefully will help you to Hire a Handyman. By no means is it the only criteria you should use. Online searches, your local Better Business Bureau checks can help you to hire a handyman you can trust.

Call 1 (561) 515-5001 Handyman Boca Raton to discuss your next home improvement project and request a free service estimate.

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